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Isometamidium Sachets

Approx Price: Rs 10 / Pack(s) 
We are proficient in the manufacture of Isometamidium 1.25 MG and 1 GM Sachets that are made to undergo clinical tests conducted by our experienced veterinary specialists. We ensure the safe Isometamidium achets formulation. These achets are highly regarded for their comprehensive and premium quality. Further, they are made available at best market prices.


  • Generic Name: Isometamidium 1.25 Mg & 1gm Achets
  • Available in: 1.25 Mg & 1gm

MOQ: Sachet

Diminazene and Phenazone Sachets

Approx Price: Rs 20 / Pack 
Product Details:
  • Usage: Clinical, Personal
  • Brand: Sri Pharmacare

Diminazene & Phenazone Sachets (2.6 gm and 26.3 gm) are anti parasite drugs. Meant to be stored in cool and dry place, these sachets are reliable. Sufficient for 300 kg of body weight, a sachet can be dissolved into 150 ml of sterile water. Efficient in nature, these sachets are made available at market leading prices in the market.


  • Generic Name: Diminazene & Phenazone Sachets
  • Available in: 2.36 gm, 23.6 gm

Tetramesole Tablets

Approx Price: Rs 56 / Piece(s) 
We are engaged in the manufacture and export of Tetramesole Tablets. These tablets are used for the treatment of diseases caused by nematodes, ringworm and parasites. The active ingredient present in these tablets is tetramesole. Committed to manufacture high quality tablets we also ensure the effectiveness of these tablets. Moreover, these tablets are strictly checked under the vigil of our experts.


  • Generic Name: Tetramisole

Homidium Chloride Bromide Tablets

Approx Price: Rs 150 / Piece(s) 
Homidium Chloride Bromide Tablets are manufactured under the industry norms and are tested several times to ensure their high quality. Used in veterinary medicine to treat trypanosomosis, these tablets are highly reliable. Meant to be dissolved in sterile water, the dose is prescribed for 250kg animal weight. Offering optimum quality, we ensure the meeting the demands of our customers.


  • Generic Name: Homidium Chloride Bromide
  • Weight: 250kg


Approx Price: Rs 150 / Unit(s) 
We offer Rafoxanide for veterinary use. Used on cattle, sheep and goats against fluke and roundworms. It controls the parasites including liver flukes and gastrointestinal roundworms. Made available at market leading prices, it is appreciated for its effectiveness. Further, to maintain our name in the industry we ensure offering quality product to our customers.


  • Long shelf life
  • Highly effective
  • Effective

Oxyclozanide BP VET

Approx Price: Rs 35 / Unit(s) 
We offer Oxyclozanide Bp (VET) that is a chemical substance. Used as an expeller, it destroys tapeworms present in the domestic animals. Freely soluble in ethanol, it is made in compliance with the industrial standards. This offered oxyclonazide is odorless, and is used widely for the treatment and control of fscioliasis in sheep and goats. We have made it available at standard industry prices in the market.


  • Chemical Name: 3,3', 5'5' 6-Pentachloro-2' hydroxysalicylanilide

Oxyclozanide Tablets

Approx Price: Rs 25 / Unit 
Product Details:
  • Packaging Type: Tablet
  • Usage: Clinical
  • Company: Sri Pharmacare

We are involved in the manufacture and export a gamut of Oxyclozanide Tablets that are salicylamide anthelmintic. These tablets are used for the treatment of ruminant in cattle, sheep and goats. Made available at standard market prices, these tablets are of utmost quality. These offered tablets are provided with a standard packaging that retains their effectiveness.

Multivitamin Mineral Feedmix

Approx Price: Rs 55 / Unit(s) 
Multivitamin Mineral Feedmix offered by us is high in proteins that help the animal parents stay energized and babies grow strong. Backed with a latest technology unit, we manage to bring forth a high quality mineral feedmix. Recommended by reputed veterinary specialists, this feedmix is extremely effective and safe to use. Further, the offered feedmix is popular for its reliability as well.


Approx Price: Rs 45 / Unit(s) 
Triclabendazole is referred as a member of the benzimidazole family. Generally used to bind the beta-tubulin and prevent the polymerization of microtubules, it is effective in its characteristics. Used for veterinary purposes, it is abundantly used on sheep, goats and cattle. Not to be used on pig, poultry dogs and cats, it is effective against fasciola gigantica and fascioloides magna.

Diminazene Diaceturate

Approx Price: Rs 65 / Unit(s) 
babesia, piroplasmosis and trypanosomiasis, Diminazene Diaceturate is an antibacterial and antiprotozoal. Indicated for prophylactics and treatment of b in camels, dogs, sheep and goats, it is highly effective. Known for its utmost quality, it has a high demand in the market. Further, to cater to the rising demands, it is made available at competitive price in the market.

Oxfendazole BP Vet

Approx Price: Rs 45 / Unit(s) 
Commonly known as febendazole sulfoxide, Oxfendazole Bp (VET) is an anthelmintic drug. Specifically for veterinary use, it belongs to the family of benzimidazole. Effective in controlling worms and tapeworms present on cattle and sheep, it further controls the gastrointestinal infections as well. Further, it also controls the respiratory infections caused by roundworms.
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